About us


‘Bridge the world from JAPAN, Joetsu’


The concept of our company is ‘Bridge the world from JAPAN, Joetsu’. We connect foreign countries and Japan mainly from Joetsu city. It is for Language, Experience, Support, and Education. We think that Joetsu city has many attractions like nature, history, food, and sake etc. They will fascinate you so much. We hope that people from foreign countries will spend a great time in our city.


At the beginning of our business, we have started as a translator. TRANS comes from that word’s prefix.

About Trans’ logo

The Trans logo represents a bridge connecting Joetsu and overseas, and also, the letter “T” as Trans. The red line reflects the red bridge in Takada Park, one of the main tourist destinations in Joetsu. We put our determination into the logo to become a bridge, connecting Joetsu and overseas.


Eriko Sasagawa

Eriko Sasagawa

I was born and raised in Joetsu city. After quitting the job as an English teacher in 2013, I started traveling around Southeast Asia, then stayed in Australia for 1 year. Came back to Joetsu in 2016. I hope to assist both local and foreigner people, making Joetsu more appealing destination.

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Inbound Business Director
Inbound Business Director https://www.in-bound.or.jp