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Non-burnable garbage.

If you want to discard Non-burnable garbage, you also need to buy designated garbage bags. There are some examples you can include. Electronic products like a dryer, iron, printer, food and drink bottle, aluminum pot and pan are non-burnable garbage. Garbage bags are prepared 4 sizes, 45l, 20l, 10l, and 5l. The garbage size is […]

Burnable and raw garbage.

I’ll tell you about burnable garbage and raw garbage today. Burnable garbage includes stuff which is difficult to dissolve and they are made from papers, clothing, flowers, and the medicine that expired. A new rule has started since last April, regarding the disposal of garbage. You can discard some stuff that is made from plastic […]

Morning Market (Asaichi) information -Part 2-

We introduced the morning market (Asaichi) in Joetsu area in the previous article. As previously mentioned, morning markets in Joetsu area are held for 21 days per month with different dates at four different locations.  Today we will introduce each market.  前回(ぜんかい) のブログで、上越(じょうえつ) の 朝市(あさいち ) について 紹介(しょうかい) しました。 前(まえ) にも 伝(つた)えたとおり、朝市(あさいち) は月(つき) に21日間、上越の4つの場所(ばしょ) で開催(かいさい)されています。 […]

Morning Market (Asaichi) information -Part 1-

Do you know about Asaichi in Joetsu area ? Asaichi literally refers to  Morning Market in English, as Asa means morning and Ichi means market.  Morning markets are held for 21 days per month with different dates at four different locations. ( I will write about each market information on the next blog.) The stands sell local […]

How to dispose of garbage in Joetsu city.

Today, I’ll tell you how to dispose of garbage in Joetsu city. We have some rules to sort your garbage. Joetsu city distributes a garbage calendar which tells us when and how each home in our city. I will tell you the way to dispose of them. The days and how are different up to […]

Basic rules on Riding bicycles!

Today, I’ll tell you basic bicycle rules in Niigata prefecture. Please pay attention to the rules when you ride a bike. Basically, if a road is separated for cars and people, you have to run on the left side of roadways. If there’s a specific traffic sign that allows you to ride a bike on […]

A rainy season will come soon!

A rainy season will start in a month in Niigata area.  As you know, Japan has four seasons, but we have another short rainy season except for the four seasons.  A rainy season is called ‘Tsuyu’ in Japanese. ‘Tsuyu’ lasts 1 month or more before starting summer. It is said that Tsuyu will start around the […]

What to do if you see a bear ?

The beautiful weather continues since May started. Hiking or just walking in nature can be refreshing. Joetsu area has a lot of nature spots for a green season such as mountains, parks, lakes and roads for cycling. For a person who doesn’t do winter sports like me, this season can be the most uplifting throughout […]

May sickness and a helpful system to go to see a doctor.

Golden Week holidays(GW) comes to the end and we are starting school and work again. Are you enjoying your life, as you did before the start of the GW? Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy their life?   If they don’t, it might be ‘Gogatsu-byo’. It means May sickness and some people caught this in […]

A recommended place to see Carp streamers (koinobori) around Joetsu!

May 5th is Children’s day in Japan!! In the past, the day was known as Tango no Sekku− the ceremony held at the imperial court.  Originally, Tango no Sekku was called Boys’ Day, while Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri) was celebrated on March 3. In 1948, the government declared this day to be a national holiday to celebrate the happiness of all […]

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