Joetsu’s hidden sacred place, Takiderafudo.

It is said that Takada park is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Joetsu. However, it seems that the fact didn’t apply 90 years ago according to past data.

Then where is the place which is the best sightseeing spot in Joetsu area at that time  ?

Well, it was the place called ” Takidera Fudo”, which is a sacred place where Uesugi Kenshin, a famous military commander of Sengoku Period, used to visit there to pray for winning battles.

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<Why and how was this place founded ? >

There is a mountain named Yoneyama in the direction northeast from Takidera Fudo. A temple was founded on the the mountain  about 1,300 years ago by the monk  named Taicho Daishi.

Then, he received a revelationin in a dream, and he enshrined Fudo myo-o  (or the Buddist guardian deity) and built Bishamondo in the land.  In other words, Takidera Fudo is the reproduction of Yoneyama.


滝寺不動、takiderafudo, takidera

Takidera fudo in Joetsu city

In order to remove  human beings evil sprites, Fudo myo-o has a scary face and a sword in his hand  for breaking off human’s earthly desires.

Fudomyoo, joetsu, tekiderafudo

The Fudo myo-o literally means “The immovable wisdom king”.


On further above, there is a small residence of a god or Buddha called “Hokora” , where a Buddha is enshrined who protects the health.

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The hokora faces the direction of Yoneyama.



・45 minutes’ walk from Takada Station (Echigo Tokimeki line)

・There is no toilet or rest area there.