Michi no Eki Arai (Roadside Station Arai ) !!

Do you know Michi-no-Eki?

 Michi-no-Eki Offical Website explains it as below.

Michi-no-Eki  is a roadside rest area for those driving across Japan. Michi-no-Eki are located along national highways and provide free parking space, restrooms, snd regional and torist information for road travellers. There are currently over 1,000 locations thoughtout Japan.

There are 39 Michi-no-Eki in Niigata Prefecture.

Today I will introduce Michi-no-Eki Arai (Roadside station Arai), locates in Myoko city.

Roadside Station Arai leaflet


Roadside Station Arai leaflet


1.Information Center Kubikino

Tourist Information and shop

Here you can relax with a lovely cup of coffee.

Open all year.


2. Seasonal Food Hall Hidanan

Japanese soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant and direct sales of vegetables

Restaurant serving delicious soba(and other Japanese dishes) and grocery selling fresh vegetables and edible wild plants typical of the region.

Closed January 1st.


3. Sushi Go Round KITO KITO

Revolving sushi bar

A sushi-go- around the restaurant offering a wide range of delicious freshly made sushi.

Some holidays in January.


4. Campana Arai

Local Produce

A wide array of local specialties as well as produce from future afield in Niigata and Nagano. You will find the famous Kanzuri spicy seasoning, locally-grown Koshihikari rice and a range of local sakes.

Some holidays in January.


5. Café Inoyama

Drinks and ice cream

Drop in for a drink when you finished shopping.

Some holidays in January.


6. Sea of Japan Fresh Fish Center

Fresh fish and Hamayaki

Any kinds of fresh fish and other seafood from the sea around Japan.

We also sell Sushi and Hamayaki which is broiled fish of beach style. You should try them!

Closed on January 1st.


7. Sukiya

Meat Donburi(bowl of meat and rice accompanied by soup and pickles) and Set Meals

Choose toppings and accompaniments from an extensive menu, as much or as little, as you like. We also offer a children’s menu.

Open all year.


9. Kamaemon

Pizza, pasta, and cakes

We specialize in pizza baked in a real wood-fired oven and freshly boiled pasta. We also offer a wide selection of cakes accompanied by a hot or cold drink.

Closed occasionally.


10. Ramen Shou


We specialize in lard ramen using high-quality fat.

Treat yourself to a wonderful, hearty bowl.

Open all year.


11. Restaurant Misa

Ramen and Set Meals

Our menu includes popular miso ramen(Our noodles are all made on the premises) and a variety of dishes accompanied by Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice. Easy access for handicapped people.

Closed on Thursday and January 1st. Also two-day holiday in January and May.


12. Patrashe

Bread and Yukimuro Coffee

Enjoy a few blissful moments with homemade bread and Yukimuro coffee.

Closed on Thursday.

13. Super Hotel Ara-Niigata


Our hotel is part of a nationwide chain of business hotels. Ideal for travelers or for breaking your journey on a long drive.

Open all year.


14. Noodle Shop Kissho


Delicious ramen for true connoisseurs.

Closed on Wednesday evening.


15. Arai no Sato

Fruits and vegetables

Any kinds of fruits and vegetables. We also sell Japanese traditional foods such as Tempura. Would you like it as a light meal or for dinner tonight?

Closed on January 1st.


16. Lawson

Convenience Store

A convenience store selling alcohol and cigarettes where you can get on the premises.

Open all year.


17. Omusubi Rice-polishing Mill/Happy Laundry

Rice-polishing mill and Laundromat

Here, rice can be quickly polished at a low temperature to retain flavor. You may also do your laundry here.

Open all year.


(Source information: Roadside Station Arai)


They offer rental cycle service too!

4 rental bicycles (2 for adults and 2 for children).

Time : 9:00~18:00

Price:  100 yen/2 hours,    200 yen/2 ~4 hours,   300 yen/ 4 hours~

* Children aged 15 and under are free of charge.



myoko, 妙高、道の駅あらい、michinoeki Arai

Enjoy exploring Myoko area. You can see a lot of beautiful views!


For those driving electric cars, there is an EV charging station near Hidanan! 

myoko, 妙高、道の駅あらい、michinoeki Arai, EVmyoko, 妙高、道の駅あらい、michinoeki Arai


Michi no Eki Arai is a perfect spot to rest, shop, eat, stay, and enjoy natures!!!

Please come to visit 🙂