Japanese traditional hand-made soy sauce and miso shop

Soy sauce and miso play very important roles in Japanese cuisine.

They are indispensable when we make Japanese dishes at home.

Soy sauce and miso are made from soybeans, but each product has different mixtures.

Soy sauce is mixed with soybeans, flour, and salt.

Miso is mixed with soybeans, rice or barley, and salt.  It takes a lot of time to prepare it because they are needed to be fermented. Speaking of miso, there are 2-year-miso and 1-year-miso.


‘Takano soy sauce and miso shop’ is one of the traditional shops in Joetsu city.  There is also miso and soy sauce factory inside of this building where all the magic happens.  Surprisingly, every product is hand made!

(Nowadays, many producers around Japan use machines to make miso and soy sauce, though.)


 This shop itself has a history and it has been 170 years over since it started as a shop.  In the far side of the shop, there are some large wooden barrels to make soy sauce and miso.  Amazingly, the largest one is 3meters in diameter and height!


If you wish to visit this amazing place, you can not only purchase bottled soy sauce and miso but also feel good atmosphere of Japanese traditional structure of the house!


<Takano soy sauce and miso shop>

Kitahoncho 1-3-18, Joetsu city, Niigata

It takes about 7 minutes’ walk from Takada station.