How to get to Takada park?

Cherry blossom festival in Takada park began from yesterday!  It will be held to April 15th. Cherry blossoms aren’t in full bloom yet, but the buds are starting to grow. According to the forecast, they will be in full bloom around April 7th!! Can’t wait for that!


When you head to Takada park, driving a car is really tricky because of traffic jams.

Furthermore, you can’t park your car at the Takada park parking lot during the festival.

I recommend you to get there by using a shuttle bus.


Here is the information about the shuttle bus.

One route is always available from April 1st to 15th, but some bus routes will be changed only during the period of full bloom.


You can get on the bus at the riverside of Sekikawa river, which is always available.


Here are other routes you can use only during the period of full bloom.

If you want to go to Takada station by train, where is the nearest Takada park, getting on the bus at Takada station is the most convenient.   


The people who want to go to the nearest place by car, please park at Valor (the supermarket) and ride on the bus.


When you get on a bus, high school students and over must pay 200yen, and 100yen for elementary school and junior high school students. Kids, under elementary school students, are for free.



Please enjoy Hanami in Takada park! However, be careful Takada park in April (especially at night!) is cold so you should bring extra clothes.

If you need more information, please feel free to ask us via e-mail.