May sickness and a helpful system to go to see a doctor.

Golden Week holidays(GW) comes to the end and we are starting school and work again.

Are you enjoying your life, as you did before the start of the GW?

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy their life?


If they don’t, it might be ‘Gogatsu-byo’. It means May sickness and some people caught this in May.

If you catch a May sickness, you’ll have physical problems like stomach ache or diarrhea. Other are mental problems like lacking the will to do something or depression.


 The one reason for people getting May sickness is losing motivation.

Many people in Japan usually change the environment such as entering a new school, changing or getting transferred to a new workplace.

At first, such people try hard to blend into a new environment. However, because of GW, some people lose their motivation and become powerless.


It is said that May sickness will disappear after going to school or work for 1 to 2 months. However, if you or another person don’t recover, please go and see a doctor.

Despite May sickness, if a person who can’t speak English need to see a doctor, Joetsu city prepares the system to dispatch a volunteer interpreter to a hospital in order to achieve proper communication. To use it, you need to submit an application in advance. If you are interested in this system, please check out this HP.  It will be really helpful.