Basic rules on Riding bicycles!

Today, I’ll tell you basic bicycle rules in Niigata prefecture. Please pay attention to the rules when you ride a bike.

Basically, if a road is separated for cars and people, you have to run on the left side of roadways.

If there’s a specific traffic sign that allows you to ride a bike on sidewalks, you can do so.

Allow to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk

There are also prohibited bicycle rules:

  1. Drunk bicycle riding
  2. Riding bicycles without lights
  3. Jaywalking
  4. Riding double on a bicycle
  5. Riding a bicycle side by side
  6. Using a cellphone and listening to music with headphones

If you don’t obey these rules, you’ll be fined or penal servitude.

Moreover, you have to obey traffic signals at the intersection, turn a light on when it’s dark, pause and do a safety check before crossing.

There are other detailed traffic rules for bicycles, but please pay attention to some basic rules and have a good life in Niigata prefecture!







  1. 飲酒後(いんしゅご)の自転車運転(じてんしゃうんてん)
  2. ライト無(な)しの自転車に乗る
  3. 信号無視(しんごうむし)
  4. 自転車の二人乗(ふたりの)り
  5. 自転車で並(なら)んで走る
  6. 携帯電話(けいたいでんわ)を使(つか)いながらや、ヘッドホンで音楽等(おんがくとう)を聞(き)くこと