Non-burnable garbage.

If you want to discard Non-burnable garbage, you also need to buy designated garbage bags.

There are some examples you can include.

Electronic products like a dryer, iron, printer, food and drink bottle, aluminum pot and pan are non-burnable garbage. Garbage bags are prepared 4 sizes, 45l, 20l, 10l, and 5l.

The garbage size is 1 meter or 30 kg over are needed the garbage seal to stick on in or put into the bag after disassembling 1meter less. If you need the seals, there are 3 sizes and you have to choose the best size by the size of your garbage. There are 30kg, 20kg, and 10kg. They are also sold at the places you can buy garbage bags.

Burnable stuff has many rules especially when you want to discard huge electric stuff such as refrigerator and so on, sprays and dangerous things like broken glasses and knife, you need special treat before you discard. Please check the rules before doing it.