Sushi restaurant ’Nakani’ is an English menu available !

Do you want an English menu at Sushi restaurant in Joetsu?

Here is one of the great sushi restaurants called ’Nakani’.

It is near Takada station and just 5 minute’s walk from there!


You can choose your food preferences with pictures and explanation in English!

There are not only sushi, sashimi, but also some other nibbles and original plates.

Please enjoy having many kinds of great Japanese cuisine!


Here are some dishes you’ll be able to have!

A grilled Nodoguro fish (it’s one of the local fish caught around here in the sea!), a mixed vegetable and white shrimp tempura and a crab butter are some examples.

Some types of local Sake are here, too!

Most of the seats are in the counter and a few tatami-floored seats!  

This restaurant is really famous and popular, so I recommend you to book here in advance.


《Sushidokoro Nakani》

4-3-4 Nakamachi, Joetsu city, Niigata prefecture.

Open time from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Closed on Sundays (When Sundays are national holidays, Mondays are closed.)


『寿(す)し処(どころ) なかに』はお寿司屋(すしや)さんで英語(えいご)のメニューがあります!










寿(す)し処(どころ) なかに