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Restaurants near Joetsu Myoko station.

When you come to Joetsu or have a trip from Joetsu by bullet train, departing at and arriving from Joetsu Myoko station is really convenient!   Before leaving Joetsu Myoko station, please head to the west gate! Once you go downstairs, you will find stylish white containers! They are 7kinds of restaurants called Frusatto.   […]

Here’s the bar has an English menu!

‘Gangi BAR ZAiGO’ is the bar with prepared English menu!   It is located just next to Nakani, Sushi restaurant that I had introduced last time.   It is a great place if you are keen to have many kinds of cocktails! The chef will make good ones for you.   There are more than […]

Sushi restaurant ’Nakani’ is an English menu available !

Do you want an English menu at Sushi restaurant in Joetsu? Here is one of the great sushi restaurants called ’Nakani’. It is near Takada station and just 5 minute’s walk from there!   You can choose your food preferences with pictures and explanation in English!
 There are not only sushi, sashimi, but also some […]