Morning Market (Asaichi) information -Part 2-

We introduced the morning market (Asaichi) in Joetsu area in the previous article. As previously mentioned, morning markets in Joetsu area are held for 21 days per month with different dates at four different locations.  Today we will introduce each market.  前回(ぜんかい) のブログで、上越(じょうえつ) の 朝市(あさいち ) について 紹介(しょうかい) しました。 前(まえ) にも 伝(つた)えたとおり、朝市(あさいち) は月(つき) に21日間、上越の4つの場所(ばしょ) で開催(かいさい)されています。 […]

Legend of Kappa in Ogata region !!

Kappa is one of the most famous traditional monsters (Yōkai) in Japan. In shintō, Kappa is considered to be a water deity. In Japanese Buddhism, on the other hand, it is considered to be a kind of a hungry ogre. It is said that Kappa used to live in rivers, ponds or swamps as it’s a type […]

One of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, Naena waterfall!

Dynamic Naena waterfall is located in Myoko City, Niigata prefecture. The travel time by car only takes an hour from Joetsu city.  In this season, you can see a dynamic waterfall made by melting snow. The power of the nature of water and sound will heal you.

⛩Atago Shrine⛩

There is an interesting shrine in Joetsu city, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It is  Atago shrine. What is interesting about this Shrine is that statue pairs of oni-damon support the pillars of inner Shrine. Can you see them? closing up ,,,, there you are!!