takada park

What to do if you see a bear ?

The beautiful weather continues since May started. Hiking or just walking in nature can be refreshing. Joetsu area has a lot of nature spots for a green season such as mountains, parks, lakes and roads for cycling. For a person who doesn’t do winter sports like me, this season can be the most uplifting throughout […]

Joetsu City History Museum!

As you might already know, Takada park is well known for the cherry blossom festival. More than 1 million people visit the park every year. The best season to visit Takada park is spring without a question, but even though spring is over, you can still enjoy walking and exploring there. Today, I’m going to […]

A cafe is in Takada park!

See this cute logo on the teacup! This is a sparrow! It’s really cute, is it? When you go to Takada park,  you’ll find Joetsu historical museum. There is a cafe on the first floor of that museum. It is managed by Omoya, which is a Japanese confectionary shop. You can enjoy different kinds of drinks […]

Must-see cherry blossom viewing in Takada park!

Highly Ranked for being a good place! ( in my own opinion. ) Please check them out before going to Takada park! The 3rd place is the weeping cherry! This big tree has beautiful cherry blossoms, and branches almost reach to the ground. Many people go to Takada park to see it because it is […]

How to get to Takada park?

Cherry blossom festival in Takada park began from yesterday!  It will be held to April 15th. Cherry blossoms aren’t in full bloom yet, but the buds are starting to grow. According to the forecast, they will be in full bloom around April 7th!! Can’t wait for that!   When you head to Takada park, driving […]

Coming soon..Cherry blossom Viewing!

Have you ever seen this plant? This plant is a wild and edible plant called ‘Fukinoto’ in Japanese. It is said to grow mostly in Japan, China, and Korea. When it starts growing, it means spring is coming. Also in spring, cherry blossom is one of the famous flowers because it represents the spring in […]