Morning Market (Asaichi) information -Part 2-

We introduced the morning market (Asaichi) in Joetsu area in the previous article. As previously mentioned, morning markets in Joetsu area are held for 21 days per month with different dates at four different locations.  Today we will introduce each market.  前回(ぜんかい) のブログで、上越(じょうえつ) の 朝市(あさいち ) について 紹介(しょうかい) しました。 前(まえ) にも 伝(つた)えたとおり、朝市(あさいち) は月(つき) に21日間、上越の4つの場所(ばしょ) で開催(かいさい)されています。 […]

Morning Market (Asaichi) information -Part 1-

Do you know about Asaichi in Joetsu area ? Asaichi literally refers to  Morning Market in English, as Asa means morning and Ichi means market.  Morning markets are held for 21 days per month with different dates at four different locations. ( I will write about each market information on the next blog.) The stands sell local […]

What to do if you see a bear ?

The beautiful weather continues since May started. Hiking or just walking in nature can be refreshing. Joetsu area has a lot of nature spots for a green season such as mountains, parks, lakes and roads for cycling. For a person who doesn’t do winter sports like me, this season can be the most uplifting throughout […]

Let’s have fun while working out!

If you feel like working out in Joetsu city, going to a sports gym is one of the options. However, when you want to work out on a sunny day, it’s really good to exercise outside. You’ll be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Another thing you can enjoy doing is […]

Must-see cherry blossom viewing in Takada park!

Highly Ranked for being a good place! ( in my own opinion. ) Please check them out before going to Takada park! The 3rd place is the weeping cherry! This big tree has beautiful cherry blossoms, and branches almost reach to the ground. Many people go to Takada park to see it because it is […]